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Science 8
Instructor: Mrs. Perricone   
Class Description:
This class emphasizes questioning, research, problem solving and experimenting to understand the Colorado Science Standards and to prepare students not only to complete experiments on their own but to succeed when they leave my classroom. We will focus on relating physical science content, including human impact on the world, to current issues and student interests.

Specifically, we will be doing monthly challenges to work on problem solving and teamwork skills.  We will also be developing a growth mindset, taking risks and learning from mistakes and failures. 

Personal Expectations:  
In our class we will be using the Four Agreements to be our best selves every day. 

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: 
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak bad about yourself or to gossip about others. 

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is based on their own experiences. 
 When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment and regret.

If you missed 5/15-5/19
If you missed 5/8-5/12
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New Link for Webquest
Part 1 of Webquest

Number 4 "Investigate and apply Newton's Laws to Vehicle Restraints"

Car Crash Link:
If you missed 1/30- 2/3
If you missed 1/30- 2/3
Correction to Friday's class
Instead of Forces Notes, today, we will be reviewing motion based on the feedback of your quiz grades.

If you missed today please complete the Speed Acceleration Practice Problems (Round 2), The Speed and Acceleration graph match up worksheet, and the Metric System Review worksheet.

If you Missed 1/23-1/27
If you missed 1/16-1/20
If you missed 1/5-1/13
12/20/16 Tuesday's class
MAPS TESTING for 8th grade science
12/16/16 Friday's class
Students will get the first 10-15 minutes of class to set up their product that will inform their classmates and Ms. Perricone about their Chemistry in Real-Life topic. Then students will walk around in a gallery walk format to give feedback and learn about different subjects.

Your project is due today!!!
12/14/16 Wednesday's class
Today is the last day to work on your chemistry in real life project in class!

By the end of class today you should be done constructing your final product. Please be sure to review your rubric to make sure you will get the best possible score on this project!
12/12/16 Monday's class
Today is day two of our chemistry in real life project. By the end of today you should be done with your research and start to plan out how you will present your information in your final product.
12/8/16 Thursday's class
Today is Chemistry Quiz Day! If you missed the quiz please take is as soon as you return!

Today we also started our Chemistry in Real Life Project which will be due on the 16th at the end of class.
12/6/16 Tuesdays class

Today we will be reviewing for the quiz. Please complete the Physical Chemical Change Review Sheet and turn into the inbox! Also complete the Study Guide to prepare for Thursday's Quiz.

12/2/16 Friday's class
Today we reviewed the difference between physical and chemical changes by watching a video, observing examples in a stations lab and then finally by looking at the chemistry of cooking.

Nothing to make up if you were absent, all in class activities.
11/30/16 Wednesday's class
Today in class we took notes on the difference between Physical and Chemical Changes. Then we applied that knowledge by completing a lab experiment.

If you were absent please copy the Physical Chemical Change notes from a classmate!
11/28/16 Monday's class
Today in class we are reviewing the chemistry concepts we have covered so far in our unit. We started by doing whiteboard review and then completed two Kahoots. Finally, we watched a use of chemistry in real life video clip.

If you were absent please get the Chemistry Review Worksheet and turn it into the inbox.
11/17/16 Thursday's class
Today in class students will be taking Elements that make Ionic Bonds (by stealing electrons) and Elements that make Covalent Bonds (by sharing electrons) and turning those elements into super hero and villains.

If you were absent get the Element Super Hero Villain worksheet and turn into the inbox.
11/15/16 Tuesday's class
Today student's picked three elements to research. They filled out the element research packet and then created advertisements for those elements.

If you were absent please fill out the Element Research Packet found in the chemistry folder. Also print the Periodic Crossword and complete for homework!

11/11/16 Friday's class
Today in class we took notes on the periodic table trends. After that students worked on book research and completed a periodic table color coding activity.

If you were absent please print the Periodic Table Trends Notes and the Periodic Table Color Coding Activity.

Keep the notes and complete the activity. Turn it in by Tuesday the 15th.

11/9/16 Wednesday's class
Today we took notes (Atomic Structure Notes) on how atoms of different elements combine to make all the compounds we see.

We practiced building these molecules through a virtual lab located at the website below:


Finally, we finished with the Building Compound Worksheet.

If you were absent please print the atomic structure notes, complete the build a molecule lab and fill out the Building Compounds worksheet in the Chemistry Folder.

11/7/16 Monday's class
Today, we started class by reviewing what we learned about atoms and elements. Each student will have to answer questions on the whiteboards to show what they have learned so far.

Then, we will head down to the Chrome Box to complete a virtual Build and Atom Lab.

Finally, students will return to the classroom and complete the Drawing Atoms worksheet and turn it (along with their labs) into the inbox.

if you were absent complete the virtual lab (instructions are provided on the worksheet) and the Drawing Atoms worksheet. Turn both in when you return to class.
11/3/16 Thursday's class
Today in class we took notes on atoms and elements. We practiced finding the amount of protons. neutrons and electrons in different element's atoms by completing the worksheet Atomic Math.

After completing atomic math, students will use beads (to represent protons, neutrons and electrons) to draw atoms using the rule of 8's.

If you were absent today please print the notes from the chemistry folder or copy the notes from a classmate.

Also print Atomic Math and complete using your periodic table.

11/1/16 Tuesday's Class NEW UNIT!
Today we are starting our Chemistry Unit.

We will start by investigating what chemistry is and get a background understanding of how we see this science applied in our daily life. We will start by watching Cosmos and fill out a question sheet with this episode.

Then students will fill in a graphic organizer to bridge what we have learned with the new chemistry information.

Lastly, students fill out or Vocabulary Squares for the following terms: Atom, Element, Proton, Neutron, Electron, Compound, Substance, and Mixture.

If you were absent, copy the graphic organizer and complete the vocabulary sheet found in the Chemistry folder.

10/27/16 Thursday's class
Today we will use the scientific method and our science skills to investigate claims of ghosts and hauntings. We will specifically look at two case studied, The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado) and the St. Augustine Lighthouse (Florida).

If you were absent (you missed a great class!!) and there is nothing to make up!
10/25/16 Start of Quarter 2!
Today is Quiz Day on the States of Matter and Density.

If you were absent you must come in at LUNCH to take your quiz ASAP!!!

If you have not come in with in one week of your absence, the quiz will be marked Missing in the grade book.
10/21/16 Friday's class
Today in class we are applying our knowledge of air density to a real world example. We will start class by reviewing density of each state of matter then discuss the trends in gases (as it relates to temperature and elevation). After learning how gases behave we will watch a documentary on climbing Mt. Everest and learn the impact of low air density on the human body

If you were absent today there is nothing to make up!
10/19/16 Wednesday's Class
Today we learned about the density of objects. We compared the density of solids, liquids and gases and practiced calculating the density with out density practice problems.

Lastly, we looked at how we can use our knowledge of a substances density by applying it to a real world problem.

If you were absent today please print off the density notes and density practice problems. Come in during your next available lunch to review Density Notes with me.
10/17/16 Monday's Class
Happy Monday!

Today in class we will be reviewing States of Matter before we move onto our Density section of this unit. We will start our review by teaming up and playing our review game, Kahoot. Then students will review the vocabulary from this unit by completing a Frayer Vocab Sheet for each vocabulary term. Finally students will complete a crossword to see if they know their vocabulary terms and what they mean.

If you were absent, print off the States of Matter Crossword and complete! Turn into Late Work box when you return.

Quiz on the States of Matter and Density on the 25th!
10/13/16 Thursday's class
Today, we are investigating the different laws of gases. We will use a virtual lab to look at how gases change when we increase and decrease their temperature and their volume.

Once done the lab, students will review the gas laws with the Gas Laws Worksheet.

If you were absent today, please print the Gas Laws Worksheet. Complete and turn into the late work bin when you return.
10/11/16 Tuesday's class
Today in science, students created and then observed an unknown substance and had to categorize it as a solid, liquid or a gas. Each student had to use evidence from their lab experiment to support their answer.

Today was an In Class Lab only. If you were absent there is nothing to make up!
10/7/16 Friday's class
Today we will be reviewing the characteristics and atomic structure of solids, liquids, and gases. We are going to make a study tool to help us review and then do book research.

If you were absent today, please print the book research from the States of Matter Folder. Get a book and complete during the next lunch you are back at school.

Wednesday 10/5/16 New Unit Starts Today!
Today we have started our new unit on States of Matter and Density. Any assignments, notes, handouts and homework will be in the States of Matter/Density folder.

We started our new unit today by investigating the different states of matter in an introduction lab experiment. After completing the lab activity, students took notes on the different states of matter and how the particles change when you go from one to another (a solid to a liquid or liquid to a gas).

If you were absent today, please print the States of Matter Notes out (from the States of Matter Folder) and read over them before next class. There is also a copy of the notes in the Absent notebook in the classroom.
Monday 10/3/16
Today in class we worked together to find the parts of the scientific method in a real life scenario. As we wrap up our scientific method unit, students will apply what they have learned and see how it is used in a real world application. We will be watching clips of Apollo 13 to identify steps or skills used in experiments.

If you were absent there is nothing to make up today.

Reminder: Now that our unit is over, all missing work is due TODAY!
Thursday 9/29/16
Today, students will be completing their independent science experiments and an end of unit Student Reflection.

If you were absent today please come see Mrs. Perricone at lunch to make up the lab. Also print off the Student Reflection from the scientific method folder.
Tuesday 9/27/16
As we reach the end of our scientific method unit, students will start on their final lab experiments. Instead of taking a Unit Test, students will be independently creating their own experiment they can test in class. We started by brainstorming questions that could be answered by doing a science experiment. Then students individually set up their experiments by filling out the Lab Format Worksheet.

Students finished through their procedure and will finish the lab experiments in class on Thursday the 29th.

All labs are due at the end of class on the 29th.

If you are absent today, please print off the Lab Format Worksheet in the Scientifc Method Folder and bring it to the next class.
Ms. Roth will be coming into class today to work with the 8th grade students. She will be going through students; individual career and academic planning. Students will take an interest inventory and based on their passion areas, Ms. Roth will go over what types of careers are in that area and then discuss the classes students should focus on to be successful in those careers.

Check with Ms. Roth when you return to see what you need to make up for her.
Today in class we used our scientific method skills to solve a forensic murder case.

There is nothing to make up from class today.
Today 8th grade science students reviewed the scientific method then took the quiz. We finished class by looking at the rest of our crime scenes, with our table groups, and wrote our Claim Evidence Reasoning conclusions in our science notebook.

If you were absent please come in during lunch or after school take the quiz. You must come in within one week of being back to school.
Last class we worked on our observation skills, today we are going to use those observations to write conclusions about what is happening. We started by taking Claim Evidence Reasoning Notes.

We practiced looking at an image, writing a claim statement of what we think is going on, supported that claim with evidence from the image.

Finally, in groups students looked at crime scene photos and wrote conclusions (Claim Evidence Reasoning) on what happened, supporting their position with evidence.

If you were absent print the Claim Evidence Reasoning Notes from the Scientific Method Folder
Today in class students reviewed all the activities we have done in learning the scientific method: We took notes, practiced with examples (such as Bubba's truck experiment, the plant experiment, sponge bob examples), completed labs, had homework review, and went deeper into the scientific method vocabulary.

After looking at all the activities we identified the skills we are going to be using to complete experiments (measurements and observations).

Finally we took notes on the types of observations and practiced making observations as a class.

If you were absent please copy the Observation Notes from a classmate.
Today students will be reviewing the scientific method vocabulary and completing a review packet called Scientific Method Review Sponge Bob.

If you are absent today please come in for lunch to get the vocabulary list and worksheets (in the absent notebook).

Today in class students will be reviewing the steps of the scientific method again. After looking at student's homework we needed more practice so we will be starting class reviewing the parts of an experiment.

Then we will put it all together by completing a senses lab experiment where students will test the quickness of their reflexes based on which sense is being used.

If you were absent please get the Scientific Method Ant Practice Problem.
Last class, students learned the steps of the scientific method, or how we complete an experiment. Today, we will be learning how to take accurate measurements for experiments.

If you were absent today please get the worksheet called:
- Metric System Measurement

Get the completed notes from the absent notebook (in the classroom) and copy onto your blank notes sheet.
- Measurement Practice Worksheet (Homework)
Complete the measurements and turn into Mrs. Perricone next class

Today in class, students will be wrapping up our invention project and then starting on our Scientific Method Unit.
First, to wrap up our invention project students will review the design cycle, fill out peer evaluations and then write a reflection describing the process they went through in this challenge.

Then, to transition to the Scientific Method we will start with a BIG question: How is an experiment different from an invention?

After we brainstorm ideas, we will take notes on the steps of the scientific method (used to test ideas in an experiment).

Finally, after we go over notes and use examples to help explain the steps, students will practice on their own. There will be homework tonight: Scientific Method Practice Problems!

If you were absent:
  • Please print off and review the Notes on the Scientific Method and Graphing found in the Scientific Method/Measurement Folder
  • Print off the Scientific Method Practice Problems Homework also in that folder.
  • Fill out Peer evaluation and Reflection for invention project (also in absent notebook)
Today 8th grade students will be taking their Fall Science MAPS test to get their baseline scores. Later in the year both in the winter and spring, students will take the test again to see how they have grown in their understanding of science.

If you were absent please come see Mrs. Perricone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make up your MAPS test.
Today in class we reviewed the steps of the design cycle that have already been completed. (Problem and plan a solution). Next, students will move into the creation stage and use class time to complete the construction for their wheelchair carrier. While building, students will have the opportunity to test their inventions on students' wheelchairs. By the end of class students should be done with construction,

If you were absent today please talk with your group about what you missed on Day 2 of the invention project.
Today in science, students will be learning about the Design Cycle and using this process to create and test an invention.

We will start class out reviewing the routines and expectations from last week. Then Mrs. Perricone will introduce what an invention is by playing a few video clips.
Students will then make observations on the Design Cycle and compare it to the scientific method. Finally the class will be introduced to the invention challenge (building a carrier for wheelchair bound students), split up into groups and begin to design their invention.

Next class they will build their invention, test it and revise.

If you were absent please print the Design Cycle worksheet in the General Science Folder. Please come see Perricone at lunch to see get the alternative assignment for our "Carrier Invention"
Today in 8th grade science, students worked on developing a growth mindset to persevere through challenges. We started by watching a TED talk and relating that to what we have learned already in class, we looked at what the main points were in the video and how that changed our thinking. Then, Mrs. Perricone shared the phrases she heard from students during our science challenge and as a class students came up with a way to change the statements to be positive and help us push through and try.

Next, we practiced using the growth mindset by completing some harder science challenges. Finally we discussed and shared 3 strategies to help us when we get stuck,

If you were absent please copy the mindset notes and strategy notes that have been scanned into the folder "General Science"
Today in class we will be learning and practicing class routines and expectations. We will start out going over the 4 Agreements, a way to improve ourselves every day. Then Mrs. Perricone will discuss how to enter the classroom, what to do when absent and how to turn in papers. After learning everyone's name students will use problem solving skills to solve a science challenge.

If you were absent please get the 8th grade Syllabus, Parent Survey and 4 Agreements handout from the General Science Folder.
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